About Us

Home decoration is such a stressful process. When my husband and I bought a house, we spent hours thinking about what kind of furniture or fireplace we want, whether we go with a modern look or mid-century style, what is the "us" style but not super expensive. We spent hours reading blogs and researching social media sites, but eventually got confused. It was time consuming too. We wished we had a friend who could answer all our questions and helped us with some quick tips. This led to the birth of Renovs.com. Renovs is a communtiy platform that connects designers and design enthusiasts with people who are looking for a nice and warm decor for their homes. It is a platform that empowers design enthusiasts to share their ideas and make a side gig out of it. It is a platform that provides easy access to home decor advice without spending too much money on consultation. We hope with this platform, you can find a design buddy who understands your style and helps you decorate your home.