Absolutely, you can go to the profile page and change your style preference any time.
Design buddies are not expected to provide room layouts or 3D models. During the consultation, you can share pictures and videos of your room. Once design buddies understand your style, they will discuss ideas during consultation and share links to furnishing items that will fit your style and budget.
If you are looking for help on 1 or 2 furniture items, Renovs Basic is the best option. Price of the package is $30 and consultation duration is around 45 minutes. Design buddies can help you identify furniture that match your style. If you are looking for design help for an entire room, Renovs Premier will be your best bet. Price of the package is $50 and consultation duration is around 90 mins.
You can talk to the design buddy as soon as you make the payment. We recommend scheduling the consultation within 24-48 hours.
Providing pictures of your designs or home décor will help you get traction from the users. They will be able to understand your style and expertise.
We understand your concern. We do not store any of your bank or card information on our site. We use Stripe for processing all the payment transactions and your payment information is stored on Stripe servers. Please use the link below to learn more about security at Stripe .
If the consultation was not up to your expectation, please reach out to us at or via Help Center. Please provide the booking id and details on what you did not like about the consultation. Our dispute resolution team will go through the details and get back to you within 2-3 days with a decision on whether to issue a partial or full refund. While we will try our best to address your concerns, please rate the design buddy and write a review to share your experience. It will help us and the design buddies provide better service in future. We are here to help.
You can get your total amount refunded if you cancel the consultation before 2 hours of appointment time.
It’s simple! You can click on “Join as Design buddy” in the top navigation bar. We will ask you some basic information such as (i) email, phone number, address (optional), (ii) Style and room type that you have expertise in (iii) Social links (fb/instagram/pinterest) or room design pictures that explain your interest (helps us and users know your style better). Once you have submitted the information, we will do a quick review of your application and get back to you in 24-48 hours. To know more, please email us at
Not at all, it is absolutely free to sign up as a user or a design buddy. Users have to pay the consultation fee only when they book an appointment with a design buddy.
Pretty simple. You can go to the Explore tab and use filters on room type and style to find design buddies who are available to work with you. You can use the chat function to start a conversation with any of the Design Buddies and set up a time for your virtual design meeting. You will then need to complete the payment to be able to book the appointment and you are all set! You can meet with your Design Buddy over phone call or video chat. Please share pictures or live video of your space, get fresh ideas, and solve your design dilemmas. After your appointment, please don’t forget to rate your Design Buddy. Our community thrives on great experiences, and your reviews will make us better.
We process design buddy fee within 3 days after consultation is booked. After processing, it might take 3-5 days for the amount to reflect in your bank account.
No - we currently operate only in the US and accept cards or bank details only for financial organizations within the US.
At Renovs, we believe you don't need to break the bank to get help for designing your home. We believe we have members in our community who have gone through the home design experience similar to you and are passionate about sharing their experience and ideas. By connecting you with such members (also known as design buddies), we make design services easy to access and affordable for you and provide an opportunity for design buddies to monetize their interest.